Coffee fruit makes use of waste and boosts antioxidants

The concept of "up-cycling" isn't new to the food and beverage industry, though it has become a greater consumer interest in recent years. CoffeeFruit Pure's ingredient capitalizes on this trend, as well as public demand for antioxidants — likely a winning combination. 

The pulp of coffee fruit has a lot going for it. First, it’s rich in antioxidants. The red fruit has high levels of phenolic and chlorogenic acid. Phenols, commonly found in fruit, give blueberries their coveted status as a super fruit. Chlorogenic acid (CGA's) are commonly found in cofee, tea, wine, different herbal infusions and also some fruit juices. Consumption of these beverages has been linked to reduced risks of developing different chronic diseases. CoffeeFruit Pure's ingredient boasts both benefits.

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