When you think about coffee, you probably picture your morning beverage, right?

But science has discovered there is much more to coffee than meets the eye. Coffee beans are actually seeds, wrapped in a protective husk. It’s this juicy red covering that benefits the human body in amazing ways. CoffeeFruit Pure has developed an all natural unique process that delicately unleashes the antioxidant power of this once discarded coffee fruit.

The Challenge

Favored globally as a crop for more than a millennium, coffee has escalated in popularity to become one of the largest commodities in the world.

However, there’s another side to coffee milling. While the coffee bean moves on to your favorite roaster, the outer fruit and pulp is separated and discarded. It also immediately begins fermenting, decaying and producing harmful mycotoxins. These mycotoxins that can seep into ground water, contaminating local land and waterways—potentially upsetting entire ecosystems.


The Opportunity

CoffeeFruit Pure emerged from a desire to help address the needless wastage and havoc forced on the environment. We developed an all-natural specialized production process. Upon separation from the bean at the mill, our all-natural specialized processing method preserves the integrity of the fruit and pulp, maintaining its potent nutritional benefits.

Our Win/Win Solution

We’ve spent years perfecting our all natural specialized production process that transforms the otherwise discarded fruit into a potent and wholesome ingredient. Hand selected, top quality coffee cherries are gently processed to become a highly potent and pure antioxidant powerhouse offering a wide range of healthy ageing benefits for human health.

Our unique process integrates with the existing coffee mill structure with little impact to their current operation. The fruit is quickly converted into a powder or tea cut for ease of formulation.

The Healthy Aging Antioxidant

Independent testing confirms the high levels of antioxidants contained in CoffeeFruit Pure - revealing that total phenolics, as well as chlorogenic acid content, far exceed other fruit-derived superfoods.

Our powerfully sustainable and responsible ingredient solution contains a variety of antioxidants. Antioxidants have been shown to fight the effects of cellular damage that accelerate the aging process. The body is under constant attack from oxidative stress which results from daily stress, diet, air pollutants, and more. This oxidative stress produces a buildup of free radicals that over time can cause harm.

We guarantee the potency and purity of all CoffeeFruit Pure ingredients. Our raw material contains no added ingredients or fillers of any kind. Unrivalled quality is one of the many reasons we deliver proven results.

Product Applications

CoffeeFruit Pure offers a potent antioxidant alternative for your next dietary supplement, functional food or beverage, or skin care product. Available as a fine powder or rough tea cut, CoffeeFruit Pure provides compelling benefits to local communities, the earth, and human health!