What is CoffeeFruit Pure?

CoffeeFruit Pure is a potent, pure, sustainable antioxidant that leverages the powerful nutritional benefits of coffee fruit, while addressing the abundant waste in the coffee industry. The company has perfected an unique process that transforms the otherwise discarded outer coffee fruit into a potent and wholesome nutritional ingredient.

What differentiates CoffeeFruit Pure in the market?

Not only is CoffeeFruit Pure one of the purest, most potent and effective antioxidants available, it delivers a sustainable solution and meaningful environmental benefits through the efficient reduction of toxic wastage resulting from the traditional coffee milling process. In addition, CoffeeFruit Pure uses only the fruit, leaving the bean available for traditional coffee roasting.

How is CoffeeFruit Pure a superior antioxidant?

Independent testing confirms that the purity and potency of the antioxidants in CoffeeFruit Pure surpass those in other popular fruit-derived super foods such as acai, goji berries and pomegranate, in both phenolic and chlorogenic acid content.

What health benefits are associated with CoffeeFruit Pure?

The super-charged CoffeeFruit Pure antioxidants work to aggressively neutralize free radicals in cells throughout the body, resulting in healthy support for a variety of age-related concerns.

What are the best product applications for CoffeeFruit Pure?

CoffeeFruit Pure is a powerhouse antioxidant that drives the efficacy of healthy aging products. It can be used successfully in food, beverage, dietary supplements, and personal care products.

In what forms is CoffeeFruit Pure available?

CoffeeFruit Pure is available as a fine powder, or a rough tea cut.

How is CoffeeFruit Pure sourced?

Using an unique process, CoffeeFruit Pure works closely with local coffee mills throughout the world, to transform the otherwise discarded outer coffee fruit into a potent and wholesome nutritional ingredient.

What is unique about the CoffeeFruit Pure production process?

The unique process developed by CoffeeFruit Pure utilizes only the fruit, once the bean has been removed at the mill for standard roasting. Starting with hand selected, top quality coffee fruit, CoffeeFruit Pure is immediately processed before the fruit is allowed to ferment and decay, which can produce harmful mycotoxins. CoffeeFruit Pure is gently processed to maintain its nutritional value and the unique balance of its various constituents.

Is CoffeeFruit Pure a sustainable ingredient?

In common coffee production, the outer fruit and pulp are separated from the bean, and discarded. Almost immediately, this delicate waste material begins fermenting, decaying and producing harmful mycotoxins that can seep into ground water, potentially contaminating local land and waterways and even impacting entire ecosystems. By leveraging previously discarded waste material and working closely with local mills, CoffeeFruit Pure also provides economic and environmental benefits to local communities.

What quality standards are in place for CoffeeFruit Pure?

Only CoffeeFruit Pure utilizes an unique processing method for processing fresh, ripe coffee fruit (without the bean) to extract key constituents from the fruit and deliver the purest, most potent coffee-based antioxidant ingredient available. The unique processing of the fruit portion happens quickly, before decay and fermentation start. It helps to preserve the purity and potency of the fruit and the pulp, and allows the nutritional benefits and antioxidant power to be better retained. CoffeeFruit Pure contains no added ingredients of any kind.